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What is a Token?
A Token is a set of signs, similar to a password, that is that enables the first contact and the delivery of an Email too a Spamkiss.
How do I use a Token?
The Token has to be integrated into the recipients email address. For example,you don't send your email to:
but to:

The Spamkiss system recognises the Token and forwards your mail to the receipient.
How can I obtain the Token from another e-mail User?
  • He informs me himself when he gives me his e-mail address.
  • It was in his inquiry mail.
  • I call him and ask.
  • I look it up on the recipient's website.
  • I use the requester on MyToken.com.
Where do I have to put in the Token?
The Token is always located in font of the @ - sign. The double - Hash (##) separates it from the name part (xxxx.xx##TOKEN@yyyyy.zzz).
Does the Token have to at the same place?
Yes, only if integrated into the Email address at the right place, it will be recognized by the system.
What signs can be used with for the Token?
The Token can be made up of letters and figures. Those can be freely chosen.
Is there a minimum / maximum length for a Token?
Yes, a Token has to have minimum fife and maximum thirty signs. Not including the double - hash.
Is the double- hash (##) part of the Token?
No, it is just a separator between the name part of the Email address and the Token.


How long is my Token valid?
The Token will be valid until the moment you delete it or you switch of the Token verification.
Is it possible to deactivate the Token verification?
Yes, this is possible. Once reactivating the verification the last Token used will be reactivated.
What happens if I have deactivated the Token verification and someone sends an Email with a Token?
Spamkiss detects the Token and eliminates it from the Email address.
Is it possible to have more than one valid Token for an Email Address?
Yes, every Token you have defined is valid for your Email address. But I can as well define a Token, which is only valid for one address (alias) (see 'Token types')

Number of Tokens

I don't want to use the same Token for all my Email dresses. Is that possible?
Yes I can define an individual Token for each of my Email addresses.
How many Tokens do I have to define?
To be able to use Spamkiss you only need to have one valid Token. It still can be useful to have different Tokens for different purposes.
When is it necessary to define different Tokens?
I you have different user groups (e.g. for specific newsletters) it is useful to attribute different Tokens to them. This makes it easier to manage the user rights individually.
Are there different kinds of Token?
Yes, currently there are fife different types of Tokens. public, private, auto send, alias and alias private. For more detailed information please see the User manual.

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